Disorder effects health lifestyle

How do disorders effect health lifestyle -

Disorders comes in many types, but the most common types are below. How disorders effect an individual lifestyle? It can by through emotions like anger, rage,depression; mental like memory lost, constipation; physical like lost of energy, overly skinny body, which makes the individual and others to pick a certain lifestyle.

Disorders include:

1) Bipolar disorder -

Similar to Mood swings, except that it is effects without influence, it can occur at any moment.

2) Depressive disorder -

similarly to Bipolar disorder, depressive disorder will effect life choice. It makes a person to lose control of themselves because they are too sad to focus. Insecurity is one of the common problems that leads to all types of disorder.

3) Mental Disorder -

It occurs when you are in pain, suffering, anxiety, depression and stress situation and it affects you and your health life. It mostly happens because of bad history, abuse, unhappy childhood or unhealthy living

4) Eating disorder -

How it is related? Eating disorder control an individual's mind to eating or when not to eat, it makes a person go mad because of being in a situation and eating is the only way to recover from sadness, depression and anxiety.

5) Anorexia-

6) Bulimia

A condition that wants to avoid gain of weight, that includes throwing up

Comparison between Bulimia and Anorexia

Bulimia and Anorexia may sound the same due to the perspective but they are actually very different.

3 Main Causes of Disorders

------ Stress - ------------ - Anxiety - -------------------- Depression

Symptoms of types Of Disorders